MaxxMuscle - Atomic Bomb

Ingredients 8/10
Effectiveness 8/10
Value for Money 6/10
Taste & Mixability 7/10

Ingredient Profile

Ingredients 8/10

Beta Alanine – 3g is a great dosage since 3.2g is the research backed dose shown to delay the onset of lactic acid build up which improves muscular performance. Research has shown users are able to get an additional 1-2 reps on average in the 8-15 rep range. Patented Carnosyn used ensuring highest quality.

Glycerol – 3g a good dosage considering it incudes patented Hydromax which is very high quality, although we don’t know how much Hydromax and how much Monostearate is included. If higher in Monostearate then i’d prefer a dosage closer to 5g. This will draw water into the muscle giving a fuller & rounder look whilst aiding muscle pumps. It has also been shown to enhance the uptake of other supplements such as amino acids.

Citrulline – 2.5g is a decent dosage which will work well in conjuction with Glycerol to aid muscle pumps and hydration. Again there is a blend of Nitrate & DL-malate so we don’t know exactly the dosage of each. Id prefer a larger dosage with most research suggesting 6g for optimal results. Research has shown increases in nitric oxide & plasma arginine levels whilst reducing fatigue and muscle soreness (up to 40%).

Creatine Monohydrate – 1.85g is a solid considering it contains HCL which research suggests dosages of 1-2g daily, however we don’t know the ratio of HCL to Monohydrate as Monohydrate needs dosed higher. Creatine has not only shown repeatedly to improve strength and power output it has also been shown to improve nutrient uptake.

Taurine – 1g is a good dose which is included in most supplements but benefits can be noticed up to 2g. Research shows benefits with blood flow, increase anaerobic capacity with no effect on heart rate or blood pressure.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – 500mg is slightly on the lower side with most preworkouts containing around 1g to improve cognition and focus whilst reducing stress and blood pressure. The N-Acetyl version of L-Tyrosine is most popular since it is more water soluble and mixes better than standard L-Tyrosine, although up to 60% of the N-Acetyl version has been shown to be excreted in urine showing lower bio-availability.

Choline Bitartrate 97% – Reports to have cognitive and stimulatory benefits as well as liver detox benefits. 500mg is a good dose for general health benefits although more research is needed to support the performance and cognitive benefits. High quality ingredient used, most don’t indicate the %.

Beetroot Powder – High nitrate content, nitrate converts to nitric oxide improving blood flow & muscle pumps. Since this is a powder and not an extract i’m scepticle as to the benefits from 500mg as most research suggests 3g+ daily of beetroot powder, however if it were extract 500mg would be better. The dosage is based on the nitrate content which we do not know from the label which makes it difficult to state a dosage but it should have a slight effect on blood flow.

Citrus Aurantium – Usually used in fat burners due to synephrine content which increase metabolic rate & supress appetite. However some research has food cognitive and energy benefits from this ingredient also. Most research points towards 10mg+ to experience these results however we don’t know the synephrine content to comment accurately, based on the average 6% synephrine content this would meet that quota.

Kigelia Africana – Research has suggested potential for this ingredient as a CNS stimulant to work synergystically with caffeine as it is similar in structure to DMHA. There is also signs indicating anti-inflammatory & liver protection benefits. More research is required to confirm optimal effective dosage however 150mg appears to be inline or slightly above other preworkouts.

Caffeine – It increases energy, gym performance, reduces fatigue whilst improving focus. 150mg is a relatively small dosage in comparison to other preworkouts using 250mg+, however not everyone wants big stim preworkouts and I think 150mg is a sweet spot considering the other potential stim ingredients in this profile. DO NOT just look at the low caffeine content and think it is low stim because it isn’t!

Teacrine – Similar molecular structure to caffeine with a host of benefits including energy, performance, anti-stress, antioxidant, focus, pain reduction etc. Research has shown benefits in the 100-300mg range. 150mg in Atomic Bomb will give all the benefits and work synergistically with caffeine.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, “NaHCO3 ingestion has been proposed to enhance performance by increasing extracellular buffering capacity.” This means taking Sodium Bicarbonate works on a cellular level creating a better chemical environment for our muscles to perform optimally. Research points towards 0.15-0.2mg/kg for optimal results with Atomic Bomb containing 155mg this seems to be perfectly in range for most.

Tri-Calcium Phosphate – Calcium phosphate aids in cell functioning and plays a vital role in many different body processes, including bone growth and energy production. Tri-Calcium phosphate is used as it is readily absorbed by our body. More research is needed to determine how effective this supplement is and the required dosage.

Vitamin C – Antioxidant properties shown to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery. One study indicate it could make exercise easier, reducing hard rate, fatigue and perceived exertion.

Muira Puama Powder – This is lacking in human studies but shows possible improvement in cognitive function and sexual function. Although the minimal research there is indicates larger dosages are required than the 50mg in Atomic Bomb.

Niacin – Shown in research to improve brain function, vascularity, aid joints, lower LDL and increase HDL. Suggested dosage for men in research is 14mg+ with Atomic Bomb including a decent dose at 15mg.

Bioperine – Simply put, this component helps improve nutrient absorption for better overall results. Any time a bodybuilding supplement has this, it’s a great bonus. 10mg is a very effective dose with most companies using half this amount down. Another patented ingredient.

Vitamin B6 – Important Vitamin to maintain red blood cell ratio, it has also been shown to improve performance as well as other general health benefits.

Chromium Picolinate – Shown to improve insulin sensitivity enhancing your ability to utilise carbs which will facilitate greater muscle pumps. Has also been shown to reduce fatigue.


Effectiveness 8/10

Firstly, do not let the lower than usual 150mg caffeine content fool you! Anth has included various other stim ingredients which work synergistically to give you a crazy high which maintains steadily for the full workout before tapering off smoothly, no nasty crash like heavily caffeine orientated preworkout. These various other stim preworkouts do not come cheap in comparison to caffeine so Anth really has spared no expense. The focus was great from start to finish with a nice solid pump, i’d have liked to see a larger dosage of some ingredients such as tyrosine for focus and citrulline malate for me pumps but the focus and pump were still very good due to the combination of other ingredients such as bicarbonate soda, beetroot extract etc. All-round great product!


Value for Money 6/10

Prices vary based on supplier however direct from MaxxMuscle you will pay £40 for a 30 serving tub. This puts Atomic Bomb in the more expensive price bracket at £1.50 per scoop, although it does contain quite a heft list of ingredients (15g in total) with a number of patented ingredients so I did expect the price to be higher however I think once you get over £35 for 30 servings you are getting expensive. You also have to bare in mind MaxxMuscle is privately ran and not a multi million pound company bulking in large quantities so costs will be higher and I know i’d much rather support a small business than large. Also with the little help of a discount code (bottom of page) this becomes WELL WORTH THE DOUGH!

Taste & Mixability

Taste & Mixability 7/10

You have the choice of 3 flavours here (Cherry, Pineapple and Tropical Fruit) all of which very good. As for mixability, it mixed perfectly with no sediment or settling of ingredients and no gritty texture so no complaints here either! I would score it higher if the flavours were stronger and their was choice.




  • Formulated by IFBB Pro: Anth being a pro bodybuilder, he knows what we as bodybuilders want from a good preworkout and with the decades of experience Anth has in this game, I had no doubt this was going to be a very good preworkout!
  • Stimulant Synergy: Rather than just be overloaded with caffeine leading to potential crash, jitteriness and anxiety, Anth has a blend of different stim products which give the overall amped feeling without the nasty side effects. Don’t be fooled by the lower caffeine content!
  • Rare ingredients: Anth has thought outside of the box on this one with no expense spared including the less popular and more expensive ingredients to create the best preworkout possible.
  • Excellent transparency: You won’t find any label trickery with proprietary blends in this supplement.
  • Teacrine: I’m a huge fan of this patented ingredient, great stim & focus ingredient with a nice increase and steady reduction with no nasty crash just nice steady, endured energy boost for the longer grueling sessions!


  • Citrulline: Personally, I would have liked to see a larger dosage but when combined with the other pump ingredients it definitely still had a positive effect.
  • Sucralose: Artificial sweetener which many are against, personally I think it makes no difference and no research indicated negative implications as of yet.
  • Price: This is more expensive than your average preworkout with an average cost of £1.50 per scoop. Don’t let this deter you though as you get what you pay for and considering your average preworkout is £1 per scoop, I’d happily pay an extra 50p to ensure the best possible workout! Don’t forget your discount code below too!