Bulk Powders Complete Preworkout Review

Ingredients 5/10
Effectiveness 6/10
Value for Money 9/10
Taste & Mixability 6/10
bulk powders complete preworkout

Ingredient Profile

Ingredients 5/10

BCAA’s (3:1:1) – The benefit of 5g BCAA’s in a preworkout is debatable as more often than not you’d have adequate amino acids in the blood stream rendering its inclusion here as just an additional expense. This ratio is dominant in the amino acid leucine which is the main enhancer of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) aiding growth and recovery however I go back to my earlier point with its necessity.

Citrulline Malate – 3g is a relatively small dosage, half of te dosage most research suggests at 6g for optimal results. It is the superior 2:1 ratio used which is a positive (additional benefits than standard L-Citrulline). Research has shown increases in nitric oxide & plasma arginine levels whilst reducing fatigue and muscle soreness (up to 40%).

AAKG – 3g is a solid dosage with research suggesting 3+ grams to be optimal. Arginine will aid Citrulline in increasing nitric oxide production, muscle pumps and nutrient delivery.

Beta Alanine – 3g is a great dosage since 3.2g is the research backed dose shown to delay the onset of lactic acid build up which improves muscular performance. Research has shown users are able to get an additional 1-2 reps on average in the 8-15 rep range.

L-Tyrosine – 400mg is a relatively low dosage since most research suggests 500-2000mg as being the dosages required to receive the cognitive and anti stress benefits. Most research suggests dosages up to 100mg/kg which for an average 80kg male would be 800mg which is double the dosage included.

Caffeine – It increases energy, gym performance, reduces fatigue whilst improving focus. 250mg is a good amount of caffeine, it is on par with most stim containing preworkout which are around 250-300mg, this gives you a nice sustained energy release which is subtle but noticeable without the crash.

Vitamin B6 – Not included in the original formula; Vitamin B6 contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue.


Effectiveness 6/10

This is a fairly good preworkout (nothing amazing mind) it has some good research backed ingredients although I think it would benefit from some being dosed higher. I felt a nice steady increase in energy from the 250mg caffeine without a massive crash which is always good and I definitely felt an improvement in muscle pumps although it was nothing crazy in comparison to my normal pump. More nitric oxide boosting ingredients and larger dosages would have definitely aided muscle pumps. I also felt a subtle change in mental clarity and focus which I can only assume is from L-Tyrosine, although I think it should definitely be dosed higher around 1g+ to get a real dialled in focus but I definitely felt some mental clarity I just would have liked more.


Value for Money 9/10

Based on the RRP of £25.99 for 500g (just shy of 30 servings) this makes bulk powders complete preworkout advanced just below average compared to their competition at 88p per serving, HOWEVER bulk powders run deals constantly which are usually up to 35-40% which drastically drops the price closer to 50p per serving which is cheap for 17g of beneficial ingredients, a standard energy drink which serves minimal benefit except caffeine would cost more!  It’s one of the cheapest on the market which includes some beneficial ingredients including the superior 2:1 ratio of citrulline malate, however I did not give it 10/10 as i’d have to add other single ingredients to make my ideal preworkout which would bump the price up.

Taste & Mixability

Taste & Mixability 6/10

You have the choice of 4 flavours here (apple & lime, mixed berry, energy drink & tropical) all of which fairly good, these arent the best flavours by any stretch but they are drinkable and they don’t have the harsh chemical aftertaste like some. My personal favourite flavour was apple & lime which when mixed with minimal water tastes decent, the more water you add the worse they taste in my opinion, just like weak cheap juice really. As for mixability, it mixed perfectly with no sediment or settling of ingredients and no gritty texture so no complaints there.




  • Price: You’ll find it hard to find a preworkout this cheap especially when they have their deals on.
  • Energy Nice energy boost from the 250mg caffeine with zero crash.
  • Proven pre-workout ingredients: 2:1 Citrulline, malate, AKG and beta-alanine for example have a lot of studies supporting their benefits.
  • Excellent transparency: You won’t find any label trickery with proprietary blends in this supplement.
  • Flavours: 4 decent flavours to choose from making it more appealing.


  • BCAA’s: I don’t really see the benefit of additional bcaa’s preworkout when most use them intraworkout and have eaten 1-2 hours before training.
  • Underdosing: Not all the ingredients are in line with researched optimal dosaged, for example both L-Tyrosine and Citrulline malate are 50%+ lower than research suggests.
  • Sucralose: Artificial sweetener which many are against, personally I think it makes no difference and no research indicated negative implications as of yet.
  • Smaller Profile: This has a shorter ingredient profile than most and just includes the basics really, there is a lot more i’d want from my preworkout for optimal workouts, growth & recovery.
  • Over-selling: making claim like “unrivalled” and “putting others to shame” with regards to ingredients when really, they aren’t its twisting words for marketing and misleading people.

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