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After boxing from age 9-17 and constantly starving myself, training multiple hours per day 5-6 days per week, I knew there had to be a better way to lose fat without feeling S**T, eating bland foods and having no social life. This was the initial spark for me and 10 years later I have gone from 130lbs starving myself to currently 220lb with abs and enjoying life eating foods I enjoy, socialising and drinking wine on the weekend with the mrs etc. 

What was once an interest in just being able to maintain a lean physique without being miserable turned into an obsession to packing on as much muscle as possible, whilst maintaining abs and enjoying life. 

Over the last 10 years in the industry my knowledge has expanded greatly and 100’s have clients have benefited from this over the years, which led to a passion for helping others, seeing them succeed, feel more confident in themselves and looking damn good naked! 

I now compete in bodybuilding as I enjoy testing the limits of my own body and I also coach competitors too, but for what I call my “normal” clients they don’t need such a process and that is why I get results with them without suffering, starving themselves, cutting out foods they enjoy and being a hermit with no social life. F**K that life is for living not being miserable!

So whether your wanting to step on stage, increase your strength or get that beach body you’ve always wanted, together we can get the results you desire!


Kirsty has always had an interest in fitness. In her younger years she was a competitive dancer. As she grew up she became a keen equine enthusiast, owning her own ex-racehorses and also took up Kickboxing and Muay Thai and ofcourse the gym!

Kirsty’s career choices initially led her into pharmacy where she qualified as a pharmaceutical technician. After 5 years working in this field and working alongside Individuals with mental health difficulties and addiction she decided to enter the prison service where she spent four years as a prison officer helping to rehabilitate the same characters prior to moving back to Scotland.

Her passion lies in helping those with not only the physical battle, but the mental. Having worked with numerous both males and females with eating disorders and being a peer support worker for BEAT she thrives from giving the help that she wished she had and the continuous support everyone needs prior, during and after recovery of any form.

about us

How we met!

Working in the uniformed services Kirsty started to go over the top with her fitness, believing that cardio was the answer to everything, she pushed her body to the point of no return which eventually led to her being Bulimic. During her recovery she met Shaun, who introduced her to the world of lifting, bodybuilding and ultimately gave her the tools and knowledge to not only help herself, but adapt to others.

Since they met Shaun has coached and educated Kirsty from the ground up transforming her thoughts from cardio bunny to lifting queen in the process transforming her physique leading her to winning her first shows as a bikini competitor as well as British and European final invitations.

Over the years Kirsty has undergone numerous courses and training regarding mental and physical health, eating disorders, peer support, social sciences, nutrition and of course personal training.